Free Property Valuation

we know the reasonable quality we need to find that out the reasonable quality for every advantage so what amount does the stock speak to of the arrangement the stock is , and built up a trepidation of the aggregate estimation of the arrangement is hundred thousand ideally you realize that Jensen Tory spoke to % of the arrangement so what’s going to happen we’re going to take % fundamentally , to ,increased by , so the stock is it going to be recorded on our books at, what happened is record stocked proof into the twenty thousand.

credit twenty thousand the area happens to be additionally esteemed at $,, isolated by a hundred thousand the area speak to likewise % times eighty thousand will be recorded at , in the working to building is of the arrangement if its % of the arrangement were going to give it this is % , to, is fifty percent % times eighty thousand is , now how do what he called this fundamentally.

to simply put this to rest this idea essentially we would record the advantages as stock is recorded at , the area is recorded at , and the building is recorded at , and what’s credited the money what amount is the money credited ,in light of the fact that this is the amount we really paid really paid so what we did is we find there are the reasonable quality. the sky lessen your vital again this is the way we amortize.

the markdown utilizing the successful loan cost strategy so you’ll simply continue going for quite a long time three and here for and year five and when you arrive five the markdown.